Winchester Palace Garden

Winchester Palace Garden is nestled in the ruins of the Place of the Bishops of Winchester. The planters area placed amongst the visible wall remains, that were part of the undercroft of the Great Hall. The surviving 13th Century Rose Window of the Great Hall is a beautiful backdrop to the Garden.

The idea of the garden was an inspiration of a local resident and with guidance from Bankside Open Spaces Trust the garden was created in 2014. Bankside Open Spaces Trust working in collaboration with local residents and organisations, English Heritage, Schroders and Southwark Council enabled the success of the project.

Many of the plants chosen were popular in late medieval gardens. Due to the garden being positioned in the shade the plants have been carefully chosen to thrive in poor light and all seasons.

The garden is now maintained by volunteers and continues to thrive in the ruins of what was the most important building in medieval London.

Pickfords Lane, Winchester Palace, Southwark SE1 9DN