Eleventh Day of Christmas


On the Eleventh day of Christmas, we give to you 11 wheelbarrows of slate unloaded and spread across the Mint Street beds by Ketchum staff on a Green Team corporate workday!

Ketchum are just one of many companies who have organised Green Team gardening sessions with us in 2018. Bank of America and Santander are regular visitors too!

We deliver a very different working day to teams wanting to escape the office and get their hands dirty for a good cause. A Green Team session will boost feel good endorphins, enhance team bonds and morale and encourage staff to take on new challenges and develop different skills. All this while delivering on corporate social responsibility and helping to maintain precious green spaces in the heart of London – what’s not to love?

Why not give something this Christmas by organising a Green Team workday for your company? Check out www.bost.org.uk/greenteam

Olivia Mudie