Mint Street Park

Mint Street has become a centre for our Bankside community. The garden is on the site of the Evelina Children’s Hospital which stood here 1869 – 1976 and tackled the high rate of childhood diseases prevalent in the crowded Victorian streets of Bankside.

Mint Street is the largest green park in Bankside. With its much loved adventure playground, community stage, renewed play area, great rocky climbing wall and ball court, this is also one of our most diverse parks.

Over a decade ago, Mint Street Park was a semi-derelict open space, with a reputation for crime and anti-social behaviour. BOST brought together the local community, with support from Southwark Council and the then ODPM, to address the needs of key user groups including homeless people, parents and young people, all of whom were to play a role in improving the space, resulting in the transformed park you see today.

Everyone admires the gorgeous planting maintained by people from the nearby St Mungo’s Hostel and we run weekly gardening sessions which are to open to all to attend. We strive to work to ensure that this park continues as a healthy place, providing green respite from the busy urban grind.

Mint Street Park is on Southwark Bridge Road, and Marshalsea Road