Susan Aderin

Living Space Assistant

I got involved with BOST through Nicola Desmond who started a local community gardening project near my home. It really helped us to connect as a community and improved our quality of life.

In the future I see BOST continuing to create and support the growth of open spaces, parks and gardens, giving members of the community the opportunity to get involved through gardening projects and local events.

I think it’s important for communities to have a say about how our environment is shaped. I think BOST offers this very important access point and will support communities to be more connected in the future. 

My vision for BOST, to continue to build-up and strengthen communities ties through empowering residents to get involved with out door activities from sports and football, arts and crafts, youth services, gardening and park projects.

With the London gentrification project in full swing it feels even more important that communities feel a sense of connection and ownership in a rapidly changing metropolis. 

There are many favourite things I like about BOST, but if I were to pick one project it would be Cross Bones because this project links a community from long ago with the Borough community today in a beautiful memorial garden created to honour and acknowledge this burial ground for poor women and children . What BOST has created here is beautiful and people visit this garden from all over the world.