Scott Mailey

Gardening Volunteer Leader

After seeing Crossbones Garden, I just had to become a volunteer.  That was in 2007.

I have been gardening for over 20 years having then recently gone through a very traumatic relationship break down I needed something to distract my attention. BOST was my therapy.

Now I am a part time session worker I love working with my hardworking team of regular volunteers.  I also really enjoy when we have benefacto volunteers and seeing their enjoyment and satisfaction after a hard working session in Christchurch garden.

I think BOST is very important because it not only provides beautiful spaces for people to enjoy but creates a welcoming, safe and friendly place for people to come and get involved with their community learning new skills and meeting new friends.  

BOST is a place to build confidence and not feel excluded.

My favourite thing about BOST is that it is a local charity dealing with local people and issues – changing lives everyday.