Sixth Day of Christmas


On the Sixth Day of Christmas, we give to you our Community Centre Living Space and 6 facts about it!

1)    Living Space is a community centre, adventure playground and multi-use games area built in 2001 by Lambeth Council. We took over the running of the site in 2017.

2)    The site was once home to a paper bag works.

3)    Bankside Open Spaces Trust runs three youth clubs a week at Living Space.

4)    Last year our Living Space holiday play schemes achieved 4452 attendances by children.

5)    Living Space has hosted over 300 activities and events by 31 different charities and community groups, 12 statutory bodies, 18 small business & entrepreneurs, 8 arts groups, 9 religious groups, 13 bigger businesses and 3 political groups.

6)    We’ve also hosted over 40 local family events from birthday parties to baby showers, from Eid celebrations to henna wedding parties!

DAY 6 snowflake with text.png

Olivia Mudie