New Year, new finances!

If you’re starting to feel the Christmas pinch, why not start 2019 with a new financial outlook? Our friends Money A+E are hosting a FREE money workshop at our community centre Living Space in January, open to all.

Money Know How, 22 January, 10.30am-12.30pm, Living Space

Money Know How is a FREE workshop lasting two hours, which aims to improve peoples’ money management, by providing them with essential skills and tips. In the session people will learn budgeting skills, will be able to set and work out how to achieve Money Goals, and they will gain the skills needed to be able to save and borrow responsibly. Find out more and book your FREE place here.

"I came to your service not knowing what to do. I came out feeling a lot better. There was support that you could provide me with and lots of useful information I did not know before….Your help has been unbelievable."

Barbara Maddix, Lambeth resident

Sarah Mangan