Red Cross Garden Village Fete

Location: Redcross Garden, Redcross Way

Times: 12 - 6pm

Relax and enjoy our garden fete, kick-back in your deck chair sipping cocktails or try some delicious Elderflower sparkling wine while listening to acoustic and classical sounds floating in the background.

Activities include:

Ultimate Bake Off, Maypole dancing and acoustic music.

Music Programme line up.

12.30: Rupert Gillett - cellist

1.15pm: Alda Dizdari will also be joined by the students of the DEA Music Academy

2pm: Break 

2.30pm: Maypole dancing

3.15pm: Leo Aram Downs

4pm: Maypole dancing.

4.45pm: James McKean 

5.15pm: Rob Corocan & Lyle Zimmernan

6pm - Close