Joe Mayhook

Parks Operations Officer

In 2007 I was pushing my mum in her wheelchair through Christ Church Garden when I saw a BOST gardener (Heather Carter) starting to plant up a much unloved area of Bankside.

I went over to say thank-you and she asked me if I wanted to "plant a plant?"

Bang - I wanted to be a gardener!

I left my job of 12 years as a train driver and trained as a gardener.

Initially volunteering with BOST, then becoming a trustee and now - I have the best job in the world, looking after some of the best parks and gardens in London!

My BOST vision is for us to hopefully to rely on handouts less and less, taking people who don't know much or care about plants and changing their life - just like it did for me.

My favourite thing about BOST is undoubtedly the volunteers. They are amazing.

Also our size. We punch well above our weight. When people come to the office people they think there will be lots of staff, not 5 people working like mad.