Crossbones Garden

This garden was one of our most difficult sites to work with the graveyard and the shrine championed by local writer John Constable with the Friends of Crossbones, and other local individuals and local companies, we campaigned for almost 10 years to turn the site into a garden of remembrance. It is a major accomplishment to get where we are now, with a three year lease, planning permission, comprehensive surveys, and a costed development plan for the garden.

Behind the hoardings that have stayed for many years and under the rubble is a post-medieval un-consecrated pauper’s burial ground where an estimated 15,000 people are buried. Our vision together was for a garden led by local people that shows respect to the outcast dead who are buried beneath.

The aim was to provide a sensitive, contemplative environment for all who would spend time here.

We have already made huge progress in a short space of time and so far have carefully covered and protected the remains of the dead; Built drystone wall beds and planted them  to create a raised garden; Commissioned the incredible Goosewing Entrance by artist wood-worker Arthur DeMowbray; Installed a wildflower meadow; Created a wildlife pond; Built a wardens hut, and much much more...

More information about the history and cultural significance here.

Crossbones Garden, Redcross Way, London, SE1