Waterloo Green

Visit this lovely park, admire the wildflowers in the grassy edges, and look for dragonflies over the pond. You could easily believe you are far away from the urban bustle, but still enjoy the charms of nearby Lower Marsh and the Old Vic and Young Vic.

Waterloo Green is a very special place.Its development was led by local people who knew they needed somewhere to enjoy the outdoors and nature. It is now managed by BOST who work hard to ensure that there is still a high degree of ownership by local people.

BOST’s key priorities have thus been to ensure that local people still take the lead in deciding what happens at the Green, to ensure that the Green stays safe and feels looked after, to recruit local volunteers to help with the gardening and advocacy, to implement some small improvements to the Green, and to secure revenue funding so that we can ensure that Waterloo Green continues to be cared for into the future.

Waterloo Green, Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA