Little Dorrit Playground

Little Dorrit is a vital play space for local children, being right next to two schools. Since most of the local children do not have access to a garden, it was opened to give them somewhere to run and play.

Little Dorrit

In collaboration with local parents we re-designed play equipment, installed raised planters, brass rubbing plates, and a big bright flower border. We also run a regular volunteer gardening group in the park.

Part of the site is believed to be the place where poet WH Davies lived in a small cottage. In reference to his immortal words, ‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?’ we also installed a tiny Peace Garden, with new seating and mosaic by a local artist.

BOST are now working with the Steering Group for a whole set of new improvements. Get in touch to join us.

Little Dorrit Playground, Little Dorrit Court, SE1 1NJ