tells of people’s gardening and park projects in northwest Southwark.

In the book you will discover:

How a Bangladeshi garden group has helped create friendships, a sense of community and some tasty meals

Why sheep and goats were grazing
in the middle of an inner-London
local park

That Bankside used to be two riverside gardens, with orchards and vineyards

How one man’s enthusiasm turned
his concrete yard into an award-winning garden

Which street might be closed off
and turned into a park area

What programme enabled homeless and non-homeless people to garden together in parks

Where teenagers and children were given the power to decide how their park
would look

And much more


In reading the 35 stories of local gardening projects and their impacts on people’s lives and the natural world you will:

See the positive change people made to the area

Read the stories behind the improved parks and open spaces in
north-west Southwark

Learn from and be inspired by success

Find out how gardening projects have been able to bring together many communities
of people

Discover how local people took a proactive role in the regeneration of their neighbourhood

Delight in the beautiful flowers and plants growing in Bankside Open Spaces Trust


In my Backyard: Growing a Sense of Place in Bankside

64 pages
Preface by Simon Hughes

(All proceeds go to support BOST’s effort to help people improve, enjoy and restore the natural environment in northwest Southwark)

To order a copy, simply send £6.95 plus 55p postage to:

Bankside Open Spaces Trust,
5 King James Street